Light Trend Strategy

Minimum Balance: $1000 USD


30 Days

Strategy Description: Execute its first trade based on a trend following method. Trades will execute ONLY on key levels based on mathematical statistic on how many times price have rejected or corrected from these levels.

  • Based on this logic, it will execute its first trade. Once it reaches the take profit, the trade will be closed. If it doesn’t and goes in the opposite direction, it will take another trade at another mathematical key level in the same direction and also in the same lot size – so there will be no lot multiplier applied for this strategy.
  • From the second trade onwards, it will look to close with profit/breakeven. But if the trades still continue to go in the other direction, it will take a third trade, and fourth and fifth so on.
  • From the third trade onwards, it will look for an exit point with minor loss which is around 1-3% of the entire account. But of course, such method also is heavily dependent on the market whether it gives us a minor pull back/correction for us to exit the trades in a minor cut loss.

Trading Account Requirements:

  • Raw Spread / True ECN account
  • Leverage 1:500