Manual Algo Stable Trades

Minimum Balance: $1000 USD


30 Days

Strategy Description: I take quick entries based on price action with proper stop loss on every trade, alongside with a weightage-based pair system. Trades only during US time zone only and executes on the 15min time chart. 

Key features:

  • Do not hold trades longer than 2 hours
  • No ongoing trading stress
  • All trades comes with Stop-loss capital protection
  • Works even for $1000 account so for larger accounts it is definitely less risky
  • Do not use any dangerous strategies
  • Consistent lot sizes for all trades

Weightage-based pair system uses machine learning for my overall portfolio allocations. Every end of the month, the AI will learn and determine which pair did better and in turn placing a higher lot size when we trade the winning pairs, it will then place a lower lot size on the losing pairs. Hence for this allocation style it takes some time for the AI to learn market condition and to slowly be more profitable over the course of trading period.

Able to run for accounts more than USD$10,000 and above.

Trading Account Requirements:

  • Raw Spread / True ECN account
  • Leverage 1:500